Long time no see! I haven’t updated this blog for a long time.

When the world of COVID 19 comes, many big events and music festivals were canceled. As the COVID19 situation in Japan has been getting better, the Ikebukuro Halloween festival 2021 were hold in October 2021.
As we have to wear the face masks, the entrance tickets are the mask 🙂 As you may know, we wear the masks when the winter season comes even before Corona. It’s not so special to wear the mask in Japan.

We have to wear the mask all the time during the event. Only when the Cosplalyers are taken pictures, they take off the masks. We felt this event is a kind of an alumni association as we haven’t seen each other such a long time. All of us aged 2 years, including myself!

Genshin becomes very popular in Japan, too. I’ve seen a lot of Cosplayers who do Cosplay for the characters in Genshin.

The next biggest event will be the Comic Market Winter in 2021. We will see how the Corona situation goes. If any Cosplay events were coming, I would share it with you! Hope everyone keeps healthy!