Happy New Year 2013

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!
I did not find any time to update my blog because I’d extremely been busy for preparing Comic Market 2012.
Luckily I got a lot of customers and sold many pictures. To improve my photos, I had to spend so much time for last 1-2 months.

Hope I will come back to start blogging and uploading many photos.
Unfortunately I did not have any photos in Comic Market because I needed to spend so much time for selling and talking to my customers.
I am sorry to say that.

By the way, thank you for sending many birthday comments on Facebook.
I will reply to you soon.

I ‘ll keep posting more cosplay photos in 2013.

I’m going to go to Japan Expo 2012 in France

I have a plan to go to Japan Expo 2012 in France.
This is my first time to join the event. I am so excited to see a lot of Coplayer in France.

Is there anyone who will join the event?

I am curious how safety the area the Japan Expo holds.
I’ve heard some of rumors from my frineds that RER B line is so dagerous especially in early morning and night.

If anyone who have joined the event or live in France, could you please let me know the details?
Is there anything I have to take care of?

The truth that one of my frineds visited to Paris last month.
Her wallet was stolen there. Since I heard of that story, I feel scared to go to there.

FYI, I am not good at fighting to anyone because I am not so tall.

Yu’s Update and Questionnaire.

I’ve been making a Cosplay’s photo works(CD-ROM) and had a Photo session event of Cosplay’s photo recently.
So I’ve been busy.


I did not even read any articles of wordpress at all.
I will restart reading followers’ blog soon.

I also have a plan to join Comic Market summer 2012.
If you come to Comic Market, Please let me know. 😀
(Comic Market is like a anime and manga expo.)

Are there Cosplay ROM events in your country ?
Please let me know your country name.