Manga Attack on Titan gets 1st on comic ranking in US

Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人) is very popular in Japan. Now the boom of the comic goes into US market as well. The Manga comic of Attack on Titan has got 1st position on 2nd week of October on a comic ranking in U.S..

According to an article from niconico news, girls and boys comics like Naruto and Sailor Moon has ever got the top position, but it’s very rare to get the 1st like Attack on Titan. I heard that you cannot stop reading it once you start the Attack on Titan. I’ve not read it yet, but it’s so popular both Manga and Anime in Japan. They have a plan to publish some spin-off manga in summer 2014.

Cosplay for Attack on Titan should be challenging!

Details of the Attack on Titan Vol 1.

New Page: Links

I was asked to exchange links with people who have their own blog. It’s easy to swap links with ‘WordPress’ bloggers because we can simply follow each other. However people who run their blog not under WordPress could not exchange links each other.

Kindly one blogger suggests me to have a page for exchanging links.
Here is the new page for exchanging links especially for non-WordPress bloggers.

Please feel free to leave your comments to exchange links including your blog’s URLs.
1) Leave your blog name and URL.
2) Will check if your blog contains Cosplay, Japanese anime, game and Manga.
3) Put your link on my Links page.
4) Please put my blog URL on your web page.
* If you would like me to put your blog banner or some images, please contact me via ‘Contact’ page.


Dear Cosplayers on my sites (Chère Cosplayers sur mon site)

If you needed your Cosplay pictures on this site or my Facebook page, please let me know your Email address via following URLs.

I will send your pictures to your address. Also if you use my photos on your Facebook page, please let me know. I am happy that Cosplayers use my photos as your profile or cover page.

Chère Cosplayers français,
Si vous avez besoin de vos photos Cosplay sur ce site ou ma page Facebook, s’il vous plaît laissez-moi savoir votre adresse e-mail par l’intermédiaire de la suite des URL.
Je vais envoyer vos photos à votre adresse. Aussi, si vous utilisez mes photos sur votre page Facebook, s’il vous plaît faites le moi savoir. Je suis heureux que Cosplayers utiliser mes photos comme votre profil ou la page de garde.

Anime and Otaku shops in Paris

I was surprised when I joined Japan Expo 2012 last year in Paris .
There are so many people especially French people love Japanese animation, game, manga and cultures.

Then I assumed that there are a lot of shops in Paris to buy those cosplay goods, manga or anime DVD. Although I do not speak French, I tried to look for those shops in Paris.

Here are the results.
One of my friend took those pictures for me. You may wonder why those pictures are different from mine. That’s the reasons:).

Rue dante
Those shops are on Rue Dante where is close to Notre Dame Cathedral.
It’s not so big street that you may have difficulty to find them.
Also they open around 10-11am on weekdays. It may close on weekend as usual in France.

Hayaku Shop
4 Rue Dante 75005 Paris, France
Hayaku Shop

Manga Shop Little Tokyo
8 Rue Dante, 75005 Paris, France
Little Tokyo

MANGA in Paris

7 Rue Dante 75005 Paris, France

Manga shop

Rue Keller
There is another famous street for Japanese manga and anime culture. I found some information on the internet that that’s a famous street for Japanese animation lovers and it looks like Harajuku in Tokyo. As far as I heard from my friend, there is not so much shops there. However she found out a lot of manga translated in French. Also there are some cosplay clothes.

Manga Toys
11 Rue Keller 75011 Paris, France
Manga Toys

Manga Neko
22 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris
Manga Neko

Black Sugar

Kawaii fashion

I just wonder where French people who love Manga and cosplay buy a Japanese stuff. I saw a bunch of people who had cosplayed in Japan Expo. Is there any specific area to buy them or do they buy them online?

Where do my blog readers live?

According to a web analysis data on WordPress, here is a country ranking from where my readers access to my blog.

1 United States
2 Mexico
3 Brazil
4 Philippines
5 United Kingdom
6 Indonesia
7 Canada
8 Singapore
9 Thailand
10 France
11 Japan
12 Malaysia
13 Germany
14 Italy
15 Hong Kong

I guess I post an article in English, hence top readers come from US.
The statistics does not show where is the big cosplay market, but it’s good indicator.

One of my big surprises are I have a lot of readers from Asian countries.
I am happy not only Asian but also European and South Americans have a huge interest
in Japanese cosplay cutlure:).

Recently I’ve been busy for creating some materials for Comic market winter in 2012.
It will be coming very soon.