Dry-cleaning for Lolita clothes

I was amazed by an article this morning ‘Dry-cleaning service for Lolita clothes’(only Japanese)!! What a nice idea!!

lolita cleaning_image1

I know their clothes are very special and sensitive that you hesitate to do dry-cleaning. Some people still think Lolita fashion is too unique and don’t accept them as normal clothes. Can you imagine your special lolita clothes will be treated by Lolitas who know the fashion? The article says some dry-cleaning stores deny to accept those clothes because they’re so sensitive stuff which have so many ribbons and sensitive materials.

Lolita cleaning home page

In terms of business, they will spend some money for the clothes. It would be Win-Win situation.
Here is the price of the service.
Lolita package5
Open campaign price
5 clothes 10,000JPY (100 USD)
Normal price
15,000 JPY (150 USD)

Lolita package 2
Open campaign price
2 clothes 5,000JPY (50 USD)
Normal price
8,000 JPY (80 USD)

How to order
First time: Yamato logistic service will pick your clothes up to your home.
Frome the second, you can call Yamato, go to their shops or bring them to a convenience store.