Tokyo Game Show 2013 – duo/group cosplayers

Finally, here are professional Cosplayers. It’s not correct way to say they are ‘Cosplayers’ because they are hired by companies as promotion girls. Most of them are professional models. You can find the difference between amateur and professional. Enjoy!!

The Tokyo Game Show announced that they had 270,197 attendees this year for four days in 2013. (Ref: 223,753 people in 2012 and 222,668 in 2011.) Especially last 2 days for all people (first 2 days are only for companies as called ‘Business day’), they have over 100K people each day. The reason why they had so many people this year is they have expanded their venue and introduced new places like ‘Indies game corner’ ‘Otome game corner’ and ‘crowd gaming corner’. I went there on Sunday. It was so crowded that it was hardly to take a picture.

Actually I have one more article will focus on solo cosplayers! Don’t miss the next article:)

Game show logo 2013



I got one Monster with free!











Hatsune Miku as promotion girls to promote new Sony Xperia


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