Shu Uemura * Takashi Murakami new cosmetic announced by Cosplayers

When you do Cosplay, which cosmetics do you use? I guess most of them use your daily cosmetics. When you need extra or special make-up, you buy them accordingly.

Shu Uemura which is a famous Japanese cosmetic brand and Takashi Murakami who is a contemporary Japanese artist have collaborated to produce cosmetics which is called ‘6 Heart Princess (6HP)’.


You can enjoy the anime although first a few seconds are only in Japanese.

Here is the cosmetics based on the animation.

The theme of the 6HP is ‘Transformation’. The icon is illustrated by Pink and Black which means woman have 2 faces. Shu Uemura cosmetics try to express the theme by Anime and Cosplay which is from Japanese culture. The Christmas cosmetic box contains cleansing oil, make-up base, color cream, eyelash, jelly pencil, palet kit, mini hair brush and make-up box. The price of the item will be 1,470 – 27,300 JPY (15 – 278 USD).

Some Cosplayers have already done their cosplay at Comic Market Summer 2013.
6HP Comic Market 84

Reference: Shu Uemura and Takashi Murakami 6HP (Japanese only)

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