Heroes of Cosplay

Comic Market Summer 2013 has finished. Finally I have got some time to sleep!!! To finish my products, Cosplay pictures, I reduced my sleeping time. It happens every time the event comes. I will need someone to help indeed.

Before I upload some Cosplay pics, I found an interesting articles which mentions about Cosplay shows in U.S.

I’m really interested in what’s going on, so I need to keep an eye on the official website ‘http://www.syfy.com/heroesofcosplay

The big difference between Cosplay in America and in Japan is US Cosplayers do cosplays for movies, games and US comics. Cosplayers who wear Japanese anime/manga costumes are not majority. On the other hand, Cosplayers in France I saw in some big events were Japanese anime/comic Cospalyers.

via Reality Show for Cosplay in U.S. from their life to competition (only Japanese)

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