Cosplay event in a temple

When you hear ‘temple’ or ‘shrine’, how do you imagine the temple? I think the basic image is like this.
Shrine image

Japan is an exciting country. One of the temples in Japan which is called Ryoho-ji holds Cosplay events in the temple. First surprising thing is their home page. When I opened the website, I thought it must be any Akihabara shops. The truth is that this is a website of the temple.

Home Page: Ryohoji

Cosplayers who join the event can listen to Buddhist sutra with wearing Cosplay costumes. What a funny situation it is!!!

Japan is still exotic and mysterious country. A lot of interesting things happen everyday and everywhere.

Hope many people enjoyed Japan Expo 2013

I am sad that I was unable to join Japan Expo 2013. To be honest, I was supposed to join it, but I got sick and needed to stay at home. I received many emails from exhibitors of Japan Expo which were much more than I received in 2012. Based on those emails, they should have had more visitors than last year. According to, there were over 230,000 people.

Japan Expo in France attracts many fans (Reference: The Japan News)

I will come back to Japan Expo 2014, I am sure!!