Daily Cosplay Clothes?!

Cosplay is a special term. In your countries, some people know but other people have no idea what’s the cosplay. Yes, it also happens in Japan. Presumably Cosplay becomes a common word in Japan, but not all people know it.

One online clothing company has started selling some ‘Daily Cosplay clothes’. The sales copies say as below.
When you hear ‘Cosplay’, you may feel it’s a different world term. Everyone (especially women) should have a desire to change. However if you seriously want to try to Cosplay, it would cost some money and have brave….then…. We’ve created Cosplay clothes which even cosplay begginers can wear it as a part of our fashion. Those clothes are based on fairy tales. Since we would like mature ladies to wear the clothes, we focus on the details, colour, quality and everthing. You can be a heroin in the fairy tale!

The more you collect, The more variation you have. Let’s try to fit with different types of heroins. You can do ‘Women’s Cosplay Party’ if you bought it with your friends!
From those of you who are professional Cosplayers’ point of view, what do you think the costume?

The online company send the costume once a month for four consecutive month. Once you buy it one, you would need to buy the rest of them. It cost 9,800 JPY in month (roughly 80 euro and 103 USD).

From light, Alice – Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Snow White – Snow White and Red Riding Hood – Little Red Riding Hood.
haco. journal Heroins in Fairy Tales Cospaly
haco_princess cosplay

Personally if someone were wearing the costume outside, all Japanese would gaze at you…. in Japan.
Also my question is why all models are non-Japanese although they would like to sell them to Japanese….

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