Cosplay Train in Shimane

Sanko-Line where runs between Hiroshima and Shimane-Prefecture in Japan held a Cosplay event in the train. The train line has lost many passengers because the area of the population has been decreasing.

Cosplay_Train_Sanko Line

Reference: Chugoku Shinbun Online

Professors in Hiroshima University organizes the event to promote the area.27 cosplayers from Hiroshima, Shimane and Yamaguchi prefectures enjoy cosplaying in the train.

That’s the great event. Usually we cannot cosplay in the train. I guess if they continued the events more often, some cosplayers who would like to use the train would go to the area.

2 thoughts on “Cosplay Train in Shimane

  1. Cosplaying on a train sounds like a fun event. This summer, Shimane is hosting the Japan-America Grassroots Summit. Hopefully that will help business in the area.

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