Paris Manga 2013 1st day

Today was the 1st day of Paris Manga 2013.
What a big event it is!! According to Wikipedia, the attendee is almost 100K people for the event. Now I can say it’s true. After 12pm-ish, the even place became so crowded.

As I cannot upload my camera data from a hotel I am staying, I am uploading them from my mobile.
There are so many young Cosplayers who are under 20 years-old. I wonder where they get the Anime and Manga information. They are clearly younger than I saw in Japan Expo in Paris last year.

Again, I saw some Japanese food booths there. Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, Obento and Sushi. Compared to Tokyo, it’s almost 2-3times!! Should I open Japanese restaurants in Paris? I am thinking the same thing as I thought in Japan Expo in Paris. There is a long queue for all Japanese restaurant booths except for Sushi.



Cute cap cakes:)

Here are the scene from the event. I will upload more photos continuously.




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