Kuroko no Basket Perfume

I saw some men cosplayers who cosplayed Kuroko no Basket. Kuroko no Basket is also very popular manga in Japan. However I don’t see the Cosplayers here because few men cosplayers in Japan. That’s the one thing I noticed when I went to France. There are so many men Cosplayers who have good looking and nice costumes.

Back to the original topic I would like to talk about….,
Since Kuroko no Basket is so popular that a Japanese company has developed and started selling their perfume!! Basket players with perfume, what a good combination it is! haha. I would like to recommend Kuroko no Basket cosplayers to use it:)

Basket manga has a tendency to grab a lot of fans because the basket players are always good looking guy (Ikemen in Japanese).


Reference: netlab IT media

Japan Cambodia Kizuna Festival 2013

This is my first time to hear about Japan Cambodia Kizuna Festival 2013. It seems the event has started since last year. I found the news on a website (Japanese only siteCambodia Japanese Festival – Main program is Cosplay show).

Japan Combodian Festival 2013

I am impressed by Cambodian Cosplayers. According to the article, there is a limited resources to create Cosplay clothes. As far as I see the pictures on the article, their cosplay looks wonderful. Over 500 people gathered to see the Cosplay Show. The author says that the quality of songs and dance has still been developing, but many audiences were excited about their costume. I have learned that Gothic and Lolita are popular all over the world.

The Cambodian cosplayers said “The reason why we love Japanese Anime is the picture is very beautiful and their story is very sensitive.” I have been told the same things from my friends who loves Japanese anime. Hope more Combodian cosplayers will increase in the future.

P.S. One surprise thing is that this event is FREE!!! Wow, I wanted to join and take their pictures…

Cosplay photo sales exhibition

Have you ever heard of “Sales exhibition for Cosplay photos”? In Japan, the sales exhibitions for Cosplay photos are very popular among people who loves cosplayers. Basically the event holds at a small venue because the cosplayers organize the events on their own in most of the case. The benefit for attendees are they can meet and talk Cosplayers, take their photo and then purchase their photo data in DVD-ROM. For Cosplayers, they get a chance to sell their photos to their fans. Since they are closed events, some cosplayers shows too much….but it’s a different world I’m not in.

Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid Cosplay Photo in Japan
Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid Cosplay Photo in Japan

Japanese cosplayer funs are very enthusiastic about collecting the Cosplayer’s photo. In the DVD-ROM, you can enjoy some specific cosplayer photo on your own which are not on the internet. They think that they are special photos only for me….:). I think the DVD-ROM is a great idea for both cosplayers and people loves cosplayers. I know that cosplayers spent a lot of money and time to prepare for Cosplaying, as you can see on my past post “Questionnaire Result at Paris Manga 2013“.

When I take cosplay photos, I press a shutter more than 10-20 times for one angle because cosplayers show different expressions and the balance of lightning also varies every single time. After taking tons of photos, I select the best one I would like to show you. In the DVD-ROM, you can enjoy various types of Cosplayer’s expression. It’s not easy to show all of them on the internet. That’s why the DVD-ROM worth of buying it. As one of the cosplayers’ fan, you feel that you contribute her cosplays which is great moment for both of them.

I like taking Cosplayer’s photo because they enjoy cosplaying and try to play the character as much as possible. This is the precious moment for their life.:) I am happy to spend with them even a few minutes or hours.

Is Otaku spouse hunting successful?

It is difficult to translate from Japanese to English directly sometime. Otaku and Spouse hunting are words we’re straggling to explain the words explicitly. According to Wikipedia, here is the explanations.

Otaku – Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly (but not limited to) anime and manga.

Spouse hunting is a type of activity to look for spouse when you really want to get married. We call the spouse hunting “Kon-katsu”. Kon comes from marriage (Kekkon) and Katsu does from an activity (Katsu-do). So you know, Japanese is very tricky language sometime:).

Generally speaking, Otaku people are so shy that it is difficult to find a girlfriend/boyfriend. Then some organization provides a place and chance to meet Otaku girls and Otaku boys for their marriage in the future. Interestingly, 50% of people who attend the events are able to find their partner there, according to an article. That makes sense very much. If both of them were Otaku, it would be very easy to understand why they do cosplay or buy anime figures a lot.

One of the couples who meet at the party get married at Washinomiya-shirine. If you love ‘Raki-Suta’, you know why they chose the place for their wedding. Yes, that’s the holy place of Raki-Suta.


You can find some pictures here.

Hope I have some time to take Cosplay wedding pictures in the future especially somewhere outside of Japan.

Cosplay area will be expanded at Tokyo Game Show2013

Tokyo Game show which is one of the biggest game events in Japan has announced the details for 2013. One biggest announcement is that they will expand the venue aggressively. With the increasing number of attendees, the organizers had to worry about the congestion, especially for kids. Those Anime, Manga and Game events are not only for adults but also for family.

Another good news for Cosplayers they will have special area only for Cosplayers. They will be able to have some spaces to change their clothes. The organizers of Tokyo Game Show has focused on enthusiastic fans of games, but recently they are willing to accept women, video fan, anime fan, music fan and family as well. At the same time, the main objective of the event will still to expand game business and to send Japanese game business to overseas.

Tokyo Game Show 2013 will hold from 19 to 22 September.
(English version has not been available on the site yet.)

Questionnaire Result at Paris Manga 2013

We had a questionnaire during Paris Manga 2013 to Cosplayers especially I took photos. Most of cosplay events I attended were a lot of Cosplayers. Their cosplay are very professional and high-quality. I just wonder why they come to those Cosplay events and if they create their costume on their own or buy at a shop. Here is the interesting result. (The questionnaire had done in French. Je vous remercie tous les cosplayers qui ont répondu au questionnaire!!)

Questionnaire Results_Paris_Manga2013
(c) Cosplayjp (please let us know if you use the data on your site)

Q1 Age: How old are you?
Interestingly they are very young. I assumed that they were much older than the result because it was not easy to create the costume on their own and costly. The truth is that the majority cosplayers are 14-18 age.

Q2 Focus point: Where is a focus point on your costume today?
Most of people answered ‘Costume’ is the main point they focus on.

Q3 Handmade or Purchase?
This is the most interested question for us because it is hard to judge if they create the costume or buy at a store. The result is that 75% of cosplayers created their costume on their own and the rest of 25% purchase at a shop. Very interesting!

Q4 How much do you spend for today’s costume?
Wow!! 7 cosplayers spend over 100 euro to create their costume! What an expensive and valuable costume they have! The result shows that their costume is not so cheap in fact…

Q5 How often do you attend Cosplay events?
We have seen that cosplay events hold every weekend all over the France. We wonder how often they gather for those events. The data shows that the majority cosplayers attend the events 2-3 times in a month. It is quite often, isnt’ it?

Q6 Why do you come to Paris Manga 2013?
– I like Anime and Manga.
– To communicate with people
– Want to Cosplay
– To buy anime/manga goods
– To meet famous people
– Others
This is “multiple answers allowed”, so many people marked top3 choices. They came here to communicate with people, want to cosplay and also they love Anime and Manga:).

It’s very interesting result. I will think how I can reflect the result on my blog and photos.