130129 : Aoi Sora Cosplay Party : Nikita

I posted more Nikita’s photos. Here we go!! There was a special space to take Cosplay photos at Aoi Sora Cosplay Party 2. Surprisingly I saw a hair make up artist as well. Was that her mother or just a friend? I am sure that there is a lot of professional cosplayers in Marseille.

Aoi Sora Cosplay Party : Nikita
Aoi Sora Cosplay Party : Nikita
Aoi Sora Cosplay Party : Nikita
Aoi Sora Cosplay Party : Nikita
Aoi Sora Cosplay Party : Nikita
Aoi Sora Cosplay Party : Nikita

Aoi Sora Cosplay Party 2

I am in France now because I have a friend here. A main reason to come to Franceis that I would like to join some cosplay events. One is the Aoi Sora Cosplay Party 2.

Aoi Sora Cosplay Party 2-2
at Le Loft
Aoi Sora Cosplay Party 2-1
at Le Loft

The Aoi Sora Cosplay is one of the largest Cosplay associations.
They have over 260 members in France and all over the world.

I wanted to know how French cosplayers enjoy the event and understand what types of people join it. The place which is called ‘Le Loft‘ was completely occupied with cosplayers and people who like cosplay. I am so impressed to see the event. I wish I could speak French to communicate with them.

Marius Plante, the organizer of the Aoi Sora Cosplay event, kindly introduced one famous cosplayer. Her name is Nikita. She joined World Cosplay Summit 2010 in Nagoya as well.

I took some of her photos and other cosplayers as well.
Nikita Cosplay

I assume that many cosplayers organize some events by themselves.
Hopefully I will visit more cosplay events all over the world.

Merci Beaucoup Marius Plante, Nikita et tout le monde à Marseille.

Since my friend will go to Japan Expo Sud in Marseille in March 2013,
I will upload more photos here. Let me know if anybody joins it!

Anime and Otaku shops in Paris

I was surprised when I joined Japan Expo 2012 last year in Paris .
There are so many people especially French people love Japanese animation, game, manga and cultures.

Then I assumed that there are a lot of shops in Paris to buy those cosplay goods, manga or anime DVD. Although I do not speak French, I tried to look for those shops in Paris.

Here are the results.
One of my friend took those pictures for me. You may wonder why those pictures are different from mine. That’s the reasons:).

Rue dante
Those shops are on Rue Dante where is close to Notre Dame Cathedral.
It’s not so big street that you may have difficulty to find them.
Also they open around 10-11am on weekdays. It may close on weekend as usual in France.

Hayaku Shop
4 Rue Dante 75005 Paris, France
Hayaku Shop

Manga Shop Little Tokyo
8 Rue Dante, 75005 Paris, France
Little Tokyo

MANGA in Paris

7 Rue Dante 75005 Paris, France

Manga shop

Rue Keller
There is another famous street for Japanese manga and anime culture. I found some information on the internet that that’s a famous street for Japanese animation lovers and it looks like Harajuku in Tokyo. As far as I heard from my friend, there is not so much shops there. However she found out a lot of manga translated in French. Also there are some cosplay clothes.

Manga Toys
11 Rue Keller 75011 Paris, France
Manga Toys

Manga Neko
22 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris
Manga Neko

Black Sugar

Kawaii fashion

I just wonder where French people who love Manga and cosplay buy a Japanese stuff. I saw a bunch of people who had cosplayed in Japan Expo. Is there any specific area to buy them or do they buy them online?

Happy New Year 2013

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!
I did not find any time to update my blog because I’d extremely been busy for preparing Comic Market 2012.
Luckily I got a lot of customers and sold many pictures. To improve my photos, I had to spend so much time for last 1-2 months.

Hope I will come back to start blogging and uploading many photos.
Unfortunately I did not have any photos in Comic Market because I needed to spend so much time for selling and talking to my customers.
I am sorry to say that.

By the way, thank you for sending many birthday comments on Facebook.
I will reply to you soon.

I ‘ll keep posting more cosplay photos in 2013.