Where do my blog readers live?

According to a web analysis data on WordPress, here is a country ranking from where my readers access to my blog.

1 United States
2 Mexico
3 Brazil
4 Philippines
5 United Kingdom
6 Indonesia
7 Canada
8 Singapore
9 Thailand
10 France
11 Japan
12 Malaysia
13 Germany
14 Italy
15 Hong Kong

I guess I post an article in English, hence top readers come from US.
The statistics does not show where is the big cosplay market, but it’s good indicator.

One of my big surprises are I have a lot of readers from Asian countries.
I am happy not only Asian but also European and South Americans have a huge interest
in Japanese cosplay cutlure:).

Recently I’ve been busy for creating some materials for Comic market winter in 2012.
It will be coming very soon.