Comic Market 2012 Summer has started

I am guessing some of my followers are in Tokyo now to join the Comic Market 2012!!!
Today is the first day of the event. So many people has come to the place:).

I’ve joined it today as a press/photographer.
From tomorrow, I will sell my photos at my booth.

Since it was humid and hot today as well, I need to have enough sleep to enjoy the rest of the events.
Once the event finishes, I will upload a lot of photos as I did for Japan Expo in Paris.


World Cosplay Summit 2012 in Nagoya

I am in the bus to go to World Cosplay Summit 2012 in Nagoya.
As some of you may know, Nagoya is one of the famous places for Cosplay.

This is the 10th anniversary of the event.
Cosplayers who come from over 20 countries will bring more excitement to there.
Who will be the No.1 cosplayers?

I will upload some photos once I come back to my home:)

World Cosplay Summit 2012 in Nagoya Home Page

YouTube: World Cosplay Summit 2011