I’m going to go to Japan Expo 2012 in France

I have a plan to go to Japan Expo 2012 in France.
This is my first time to join the event. I am so excited to see a lot of Coplayer in France.

Is there anyone who will join the event?

I am curious how safety the area the Japan Expo holds.
I’ve heard some of rumors from my frineds that RER B line is so dagerous especially in early morning and night.

If anyone who have joined the event or live in France, could you please let me know the details?
Is there anything I have to take care of?

The truth that one of my frineds visited to Paris last month.
Her wallet was stolen there. Since I heard of that story, I feel scared to go to there.

FYI, I am not good at fighting to anyone because I am not so tall.

16 thoughts on “I’m going to go to Japan Expo 2012 in France

  1. As far as visiting Paris, I’ve been there three times and never had a problem. The only problem I had was in Gare du Nord the first time I visited. While talking in english people where more reluctant to help. I had to ask in french if they spoke spanish (my native tongue) and then ask if they spoke english (while seeming to dislike english). You can learn a few lines in french (if you don’t know the language) through internet like: Do you speak spanish? or Where is this hotel? stuff like that.

    But I never was robbed or anything like it, and I slept in a bench once while backpacking. Missed the last train to Belgium and decided to sleep a little there to make time for the first train of the day ^_^

    1. Thank you for your advice. I’ll learn some very basic French just in case I need any help there. I think one problem I have is I am a Japanese who has an Asian face. I worry that some robbers may focus on Asian rather than European. If I did the same thing as you did, I would not be safe… Anyway, I’ll do my best to avoid any issues. Again, thanks for sharing your experiences in Paris!!

      1. No problem, my pleasure. I do think that they would focus more on americans than asians, but I bet that you still won’t have a problem. Stick to the usual places, keep your valuables on the hotel or in one of those concealed bags and, most importantly, HAVE A LOT OF FUN AND TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES!! 😀

  2. Oh wow! I’m sure it will be tons of fun, and I hope you have a marvelous time over there and are safe. I’m sure you will be. I cannot wait to read about the fun event and to see all the photos from the glorious event!

    Tons of Love Bites,

  3. Have a great time! I have been to France many times and always had a lot of fun: there is so much to see!

    Yeah be careful not to get a pick pocket victim: I had someone with their hands in my bag pack once when taking the subway. My advice is to travel light and keep your luggage in front of you (in your arms or better yet: inside your jackets inside pockets!) instead of on your bag and never loose sight of it!

    But hey don’t let this scare you off the trip: this is, unfortunately , a big city thing: not just Paris!

    The French are overall pretty courteous, although they do prefer to be addressed in French rather than English.

    Cannot wait to see the pictures! GANBARE!!!!^^

    1. Thank you for your kindly advice. Yes, I will try not to bring a lot of stuff in my bag because I have to keep my camera and lenses. Since I heard some scary stories from my friends, I worry about the security in Paris too much. On the other hand, I think I should enjoy visiting and experiencing in Paris rather than paying attention to my phisycal safety. It always need a balance.

      Again, thanks for your advice. It makes me relax:)

  4. Have fun in France! One thing I do as a precaution–bringing a certified copy of your passport to keep in a safer place (like back at your hotel) just in case someone does happen to steal your wallet.

  5. Eeeeh for real???
    I’m planning to go this year too. Maybe we can meet up.
    As advice, I’d tell you to bring your own food, because the stands selling food at Japan Expo are very expensive and crowded, so even if you have the money you end up waiting for an hour before eating.

    1. Yes, it’s real. Although I have not booked my flights yet, I have the plan to join the big event! Your advice is very interesting that I should bring my own food. I can imagine the scene because I go to some rock festivals every year where happens we have to wait for one hour or more to grab only one food. I’ll keep in mind your advice. Thanks!!

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