Yu’s Update and Questionnaire.

Posted on: 2012/05/12

I’ve been making a Cosplay’s photo works(CD-ROM) and had a Photo session event of Cosplay’s photo recently.
So I’ve been busy.


I did not even read any articles of wordpress at all.
I will restart reading followers’ blog soon.

I also have a plan to join Comic Market summer 2012.
If you come to Comic Market, Please let me know. 😀
(Comic Market is like a anime and manga expo.)

Are there Cosplay ROM events in your country ?
Please let me know your country name.

20 Responses to "Yu’s Update and Questionnaire."

I love the daily Cosplay photography! I’ll be visiting Japan for a few days in July….I wish I can stay until Comic Market 2012! 😦

Really? But the comic market hold on Aug 10-12.
Are you going to stay in Japan for so long?
Where do you live in?

There are cosplay events here in Singapore, but really seldom. Are you going for Comic Market Winter 2012? I am heading there end of this year.

Yes, of corse.
If my team is elected comic market Winter 2012,
I’m going to join it.

elected? what is that?

Many peple would like to sell self-publishing books,CDs ,CD-ROMs and DVDs in Comic Market.
There are about 50,000 teams, but Comic Market has only 30,000 boothes in three days.
That’s why I said ‘my team is elected’.

If you only want to participate ,you can enter the Comic Market.

oh i see… If you get elected I’ll definitely buy something from your booth =D

See you soon Comic Market winter 2012!!

I understand being busy; it’s the same for me. In the U.S., most cosplay is part of anime/manga or sci-fi conventions. Sometimes cosplayers and photographers will get together for a photoshoot at places like a botanic garden or somebody’s studio.

I envy the location of the overseas, becuase Cosplayers seem to be jumped out of the TV game.
I’d like to shoot on temple and wilderness.
There aren’t such a locations in Japan.

Ive heard about Comic Market “ComiKet” for years!!! Its from hearing of the great Comic Market why I try to attend anime/cosplay/sci fi/fantasy/comic conventions!

ComiKet is a big party!!
Probably I think you are interesting.
Join us!

I’m from France, there’s an event called Japan Expo in Paris every year, the 1st weekend of July. It’s not entirely dedicated to cosplay but it’s still full of cosplayers, and there’s the World Cosplay Summit French preliminaries there too so maybe you’ve heard about it.

Oh! I know Japan Expo in Paris, becuse my favorite Japanese Rock band jointed Japan Expo a few years ago.
Do you know another cosplay events in France?
There are many big and small cosplay events in Japan every weekend.

Hmmm there’s many others events like Japan Expo, but they’re all much smaller and I don’t think there’s one made specially for cosplay. Having a cosplay event every weekend would be nice lol.

Hi rockmanshii, I’ve posted new arctile about Japan Expo just now. If you knew any information about it, could you please add your comments? Thanks for your help in advance!

all late and all, but well.

In Sweden there’s a lot of conventions, but I’m not sure about events purely for cosplaying. There’s big conventions like Närcon and Uppcon (though this month is the last time Uppcon will be held) that is is the biggest convention in Scandinavia, and then there’s smaller ones, like Confusion, Rencon, and a lot more. Some conventions are even part as school projects in high school, like Piricon that was held in 2009 in Örebro. At most conventions there are cosplay-related events, like contests. Cosplay SM’s usually held at Uppcon, but I’m not sure where it will be next year.

Thank you for your information. That’s very good to know. Since I don’t have any friends in Scandinavia, that’s very good information. Do you know how many people join the event like Narcon and Uppcon? If you had any information, please kindly let me know:).

well, 2011 Uppcon had around 3500 visitors.That makes it the biggest convention in Scandinavia. =) 2011 Närcon had about 2000 visiotors. I’ve got no idea how many there’ll be this year, as the Nörcon:12 is in July. ^w^

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